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What They're Saying After Hearing Rick's Message!

Student & Staff Keynotes / SEL Workshops / Team Building Workshops

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Reach Them Before You Teach Them

This inspirational keynote will motivate and empower educators of all experience levels. Rick ends this keynote  with actionable steps for all educators to follow in order to be a CHAMPION FOR STUDENTS!
(All SEL competencies addressed)

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Student Assembly Demo Video

Speaker/ Staff Developer/ SEL Workshop Facilitator

Ricky is on a mission to inspire as many students and educators as possible. Ricky has an innate ability to connect with students and make his message relatable to all students. Rick's inspiring messages have landed him on The Ellen Show, Texas Monthly Magazine, and he has also received coverage by several local media outlets. Contact Ricky today to see how he can help your students overcome adversity in order to reach their full potential!

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Meet Rick!


Growing up in the projects with an absent father means Rick should have been a statistic; he should be dead or in jail. Rick defied the odds and is a former US Marine who became a Teacher of the Year for his school district, founded a non-profit organization, and became a boxing champion. Rick now shares his story with students and teachers across the nation with the intent of helping people reach their full potential. Rick's messages of hope and perseverance have already inspired thousands of students and educators. Contact Ricky to see how he can help your school!

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Ricky also helps educators reconnect with their WHY by sharing a keynote titled "Reach Them Before You Teach Them". This keynote focuses on the importance of building relationships, teacher burnout prevention, and Social & Emotional Learning. 

Preventing Teacher burnout

Teachers don't burnout because of what they do. They burn out because school politics and standardized testing make teachers forget why they became an educator in the first place. Ricky Ramirez is an experienced coaching professional who helps teachers reconnect with their WHY and provides them with innovative ways to strengthen classroom management. By providing educators with the right professional development, Ricky has helped teachers unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Bring Ricky in to help rejuvenate your staff and improve your school's culture. 

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Keynotes and workshops


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Motivational Speaking & Consulting

Inspiration and Empowerment

The Power of WHY: students will be hooked through humor and masterful story telling. Ricky then engages his audience and ends with a call to action which will empower students to reach their full potential. 

Reach Them Before You Teach Them: Rick shares an emotional and humorous keynote with school staff which focuses on the importance of relationships in education and SEL. Rick closes by having teachers make a vow to be a CHAMPION for students. 


Tough Teen Workshop

Students will reflect and identify the root cause of negative behavior. Students go from feeling Hopeless to Hopeful!

It’s time to transform your students who need the extra push, and Ricky is here to give them the tools they need in order to heal and succeed. Ricky has the gift of connection and specializes in reaching troubled students. Rick will work with your toughest teens and help identify the root cause of their discipline issues or concerns.

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"I have seriously not been looking forward to the school year starting again... What a booster! I'm ready now! Great message!"

Robyn Jett 


"Awesome and very inspiring. Thank you for reminding me of why we teach!"

Nubia Salinas


"I've met a hand full of people in my life that I can honestly say are true inspirations to me, and you Ricky are now one of them!"

Lorraine Jeffries

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